Baptism Classes

This is a required class for parents and godparents. Classes are given the Last weekend of every other month.
Parents must come to the parish office to register for baptism.


  1. Provide a copy of the child’s birth certificate.
  2. Godparents must be practicing Catholic.
  3. Provide a certificate of completion for the Baptism Class from godparents who live out-of-town and do not take the class at Saint Clare.
  4. Provide a Sponsor letter from the godparent’s home parish stating that they are members of that parish and qualified to act as a sponsor in the sacrament of baptism.
  5. Complete a baptism registration form and submit it to the church office.
  6. Baptisms are scheduled at the beginning of the year one month in English the other month in Spanish, they will be not changes made to this.

“The greatest gift a parent can give to their child is a lifetime commitment to Christ”

First Communion and Confirmation Programs

Candidates intending to receive First Holy Communion, First Reconciliation and Confirmation must be enrolled and participate in education classes in a Catholic School or Religious Education Program in the Parish.

All candidates planning to receive the sacraments are required to have (2) two years of prior Religious Education (RE) to receive the sacraments Candidates for First Communion must be at least in the 2nd grade (7 years old). for Confirmation must be (13 Years old)

Candidates must be enrolled from the beginning of the school year and must complete all diocesan and parish requirements to receive the sacrament.

Family must register with Saint Clare Catholic Church.
Candidates and their families must attend the Sunday liturgy regularly and be active in parish life.

Candidates for the sacraments must be baptized. (We need a copy of the baptism certificate)

Those who move into the parish during the summer or in the course of the year may certainly register and enroll their children in Religious Education. Those entering into 2nd grade must show proof of one year of former parish is sufficient. This letter should be mailed by the former parish directly to Saint Clare Parish office to the attention of the Religious Education Director.

Reference to the bulletin or contact the church office for upcoming Workshops or Service Dates.


No wedding date is guaranteed until ALL Diocesan and Parish requirements have been fulfilled.

  1. Couples must notify a Priest at least 6 months prior to the wedding date.
  2. Be registered with Saint Clare Catholic Church
  3. Attend the Marriage Prep weekend.

Marriage Preparation and Enrichment Weekend: Designed with both engaged and married couples in mind. This program will prepare you for a life-time commitment in sacramental marriage and enhance couples already married. Please check the church bulletin or call the church office for the date of the next Marriage Preparation.