Twenty-ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Twenty-ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time Scripture Readings

Reflection on Scripture

As I began writing the reflection, my puppy, Charlie, is at my feet bagging for a piece of dark chocolate, which I am munching. I cannot give her any chocolate but earlier, she went into her begging mode and received a piece of chicken sandwich. I think, sometimes, that animals are smarter than people but again they follow the natural instincts that God has given them.

Do we follow our natural instincts with God? We can believe and even tell ourselves that God always provides. Like my puppy, He does not give us anything that is harmful for us. But the truth of the matter is that God always listens and hears us.

In today’s Gospel, the woman beseeches the dishonest judge, and her persistence forces him to rule in her favor, not because it was the right thing to do, but because she would not go away.

Persistence in prayer is akin to this attitude. The woman knew that the judge was the only one who could alleviate her problem and she stayed focused on begging his assistance until he answered her pleas.

We should approach God for different reasons. Prayer is the means by which we grow in a closer relationship with God, and it is the only thing that relieves the emptiness in our hearts that only God can fill. Also, when we approach God in small matters as well as difficult ones, we are saying to God that we cannot do anything on our own and we are dependent upon Him for all we are and all we do.

When I was starting out in my accounting practice, it was difficult to attract good client who paid their bills on time. A struggling practitioner starting out, was left with the clients mostly that other firms did not want. Such was my case and in those days, we went to the supermarket when a client paid my and not before. Realizing my dilemma, in my morning pray, I made God my partner telling Him I would work hard, provide a good product for my clients, charge reasonable rates, and conduct my affairs with integrity. My partners job was to collect the money so I could feed my family and stay in business. I was in business for myself for forty years.

I found through my business experience that when my arms were raised in prayer, I could handle anything and not become discouraged. When I dropped my hands from prayer, my issues could overwhelm me.

Today, seek God where He may be found. Have confidence in Him that all things will be provided to those who remain faithful in prayer and relationship with Him.

May God continue to bless you.

Deacon Phil