Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time Scripture Readings

Reflection on Scripture

Today’s Scriptures remind us to reflect inwardly on what we really desire. Do we desire the wealth of the world with is finite benefits or do we desire the everlasting goodness of the Lord in the kingdom prepared for us before the world began?

To begin to seek the kingdom of God, we have been reminded in recent weeks, that we must abandon our possessions. As I mentioned previously, this does not mean living in poverty but having a mindset that material things are for our human sustenance and not be horded.

Everything that we have is gift from a gracious God. We own nothing but are only the keepers and the protectors of all God has given us. Therefore, if we are blessed with good fortune, then we should use our good fortune not for only our benefit but for the benefit of all. Take only what we need and be generous with our possessions to care for the less fortunate of our humanity.

We are in possession of three things. The three things are thoughts, time, and material possessions. How do we use them? Are we good stewards of the gifts God has given us and by that, I mean do we share and not dwell on having more. We can become obsessed and overly protective of our time and money to a point that we are consumed with accumulating more.

What do we think about most? Is it the kingdom of God and the Body of Christ, or are we consumed only on our own wellbeing?

Are we protective of our time and miss the opportunities to assist the people in need that God sends our way or are we always open and ready to welcome whomever God sends to us? Do we horde our possessions and crave for material things or do we take what is necessary to survive and share our excess with those who have not?

To be true disciples of Christ, we must be willing to empty ourselves continually to build up the Body of Christ, so, that God in His benevolence will continually fill us up.

Are we prudent in the way we serve the needs of others? Are we good stewards of all that God has given us?

Deacon Phil