Fingerprinting and Safe Environment Training Information

The Diocese of Orlando is required by the United States Catholic Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) to follow certain guidelines with regard to Safe Environment Training. As are all other Archdioceses and Dioceses, we are required to undergo regular audits by the USCCB to be sure that we are in compliance with those regulations.

All church personnel and volunteers working with children and vulnerable populations must complete Safe Environment Training in addition to a background/fingerprint clearance. In an effort to ensure the safety of those persons under the care of the Diocese, all Church Personnel and Volunteers, ages 15 and older, will be required to submit a completed Criminal Background Check Form as well as a complete set of fingerprints so as to facilitate a criminal background investigation.

Who Needs to complete the Safe Environment Training Program and Fingerprints?

If you are an 

  • Extraordinary Minister to the Sick
  • Hospitality and handle collections
  • Catechist working with children & elderly
  • Counting Team
  • Music Directors who work with children or elderly 

 you must comply with both 

  • Safe Environment Training  
  • Fingerprints every 5 years


If you only serve as Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist you only need 

  • the Safe Environment Training every 5 years.


Proclaimers of the Word (Readers)

Do not need to have either.


You do not need to pay anything. If your generous heart wishes to do so, you make a donation to St. Clare and help with the cost.

Please contact Dr. Lydia Navarro first and set up an appointment. 


  1. Log on to Diocese of Orlando Website, http://www.orlandodiocese.org/.
  2. Click on SAFE ENVIRONMENT on the top right of the page and select the language you want.
  3. Register and complete the safe environment training by clicking on the “Register and Start Safe Environment Training” bar.
  4. After completing the Safe Environment Training, follow the instructions under Step 2 Fingerprint Registration.
  5. Fingerprint Registration:  Attention All Applicants – On the registration site, you will see a screen stating “Reason why you need to be fingerprinted.” Please select the web link: “I know my Fieldprint Code” to enter your Fieldprint Code. DO NOT use the drop-down menu. Follow this link to register for fingerprinting: www.Fieldprintflorida.com.
  6. Once the FieldprintFlorida.com site opens, you will click on the purple box: Schedule an Appointment.
  7. Next, enter your email under the New User/Sign Up box on the left. Please note that the username and password used for the Safe Environment Training will NOT be the same for this. It is a completely separate registration. Everyone will need to sign up as a new user in order to schedule a fingerprinting appointment. If needed, the applicant would be able to log back in to reschedule a fingerprint appointment to avoid a missed appointment fee.
  8. On the next page, click on the “I know my Fieldprint Code” link outlined in red.
    • Please do NOT use the dropdown menu.
  9. The following page is where you will enter the code and click on continue:
    • The codes are not case sensitive.
  10. Continue to enter your demographics and choose your appointment date/time.

Fieldprint Codes

For codes, please contact Dr. Lydia Navarro at lnavarro@stclarefl.org or (386)789-9990

We cover the costs for fingerprints, and you will not be directed to a payment page. We will be billed/invoiced after. The cost for Employees/Vendors is $51.25; Volunteers is $44.

Fieldprint’s Customer Service number is 877-614-4364. Check the Fieldprint website for numerous nearby locations.